Epic Homes is a real estate development company based in Houston, Texas. What makes us different from other developers is in our attention to detail, our build quality, and the location of our homes. At Epic Homes, our goal and vision is to create great communities and each home that we build enhances the community as a whole.

To execute our vision we, rely on our three pillars of operation:
  • Creating opportunities for people in communities we are developing.
  • Build great quality homes that every hard working person can afford.
  • Inspire mind change inside the communities we develop and create an impact for the next generation.

We firmly believe that the American Dream of home ownership is for everyone who wants to own their own home. We are fully committed to fulfilling this dream. That is why our quality homes range from the 120's to the 150's.

We are strong supporters in communities in which we work. Through community involvement, and unwavering integrity, we are always striving to be better and to do better.